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I’m Josefine Parker. My name is also Voyager -

I’m a transition doula.

Midwives and doulas support childbirth or dying.

I do that for gender transition.

As a transition doula, I tend fringes of Western medicine to liberate realms of the trans sacred. I’m an organizer in T4T Caregiving, a group of trans caregivers who travel and support trans people during surgery. I’m working on the book manuscript, Wild Transition: On Trans Magic and Herbal Transition, Hormones Beyond Pharmaceuticals. I’m naming a new framework for transition that centers nourishment and self-love. I’ve also compiled different herbs and techniques that trans people can explore to transition.

A white, Slavic-American from Baltimore, I spend my time writing and keeping kitchen within a queer, rural neighborhood centered in Cannon County, Tennessee. This mountainous area is temperate rainforest and traditional shared hunting territory of Southeastern nations and tribes including the Mvskoke, Uchi, and Tsalagi. In my herbal and cooking practice, I use a mixture of the wise woman way, Ayurvedic principles, wild fermentation techniques, and natural transition resources.

I learn about herbs from Spice Rack (Irma Preikschat), and I’ve studied women's sacred mysteries with ShuNahSii Rose of In Sacred Balance. I hold a B.A. in American Studies from University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied LGBT Studies with Dr. Christina Hanhardt. I’ve been a 2014 Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant recipient. In August, I’m co-teaching workshops with Spice Rack about herbal transition for trans women at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference.

My writing on trans liberation and ecology is available in articles and zines including Wild Transition, For Wildness to Bloom, and Song of Magnolia. I also emcee punk shows, make t-girl mixtapes, and perform poetry with musical accompaniment.