Uranus & Pluto Ritually inspired Manuscript

I am writing a manuscript of two intertwined arcs about ancestry, transgender identity, and healing from trauma. An arc from 1965-2015 is shaped by events such as gay liberation, AIDS pandemic genocide, and queer and transgender resistance. An arc from 2011-2015 is shaped by my gender transition, initiation into Slavic spirit work, and healing grief. Themes in these arcs are influenced in astrology by Uranus and Pluto, energy of revolutionary change and healing trauma to confront power. I am completing a 51-day ritual to heal trauma from events in these arcs of time and to record narrative. In order to create an accessible manuscipt that heals myself and others isolated from diaspora and the experience of estrangement as queer and trans people, I will supplement this narrative with recent research and writing. 

The 51-day ritual involves tending a desk-sized altar to ancestors and the dead with herbs and prayer, listening to a ritual doll made from mulberry branch, and recording narrative generated from close listening. I record images and conversations with this ritual doll in a notebook. I use experiences from this notebook to type a portion of the manuscript. I write by interlacing previously completed material with this narrative that emerges from ritual.

I have presented portions of this research in 2014 through Artists U.