Josefine W. W. Parker (Voyager)

Born in Baltimore, MD

Lives and works in Altamont, TN



2011 B.A., American Studies, University of Maryland, College Park




2014 “Communes Funded by Aid to the Totally Disabled”, RFD Magazine #160, Winter

2014 "Tune, Occasion, and Memory of Mnísota”, Fifth Estate #392, Fall/Winter

2014 "Nestled in a Web of Liberation", RFD Magazine #159, Fall

2012 “sissy-identified faggot wolf-lady tranimal Anarchist bitch...”, RFD Magazine #152, Winter


Zines and Chapbooks

2015 Song of Magnolia

2014 PnQ Arts & Music Festival Program

2013 A Simple Thread

2013 PnQ Arts & Music Festival Program

2013 SSSY BTCH #3: fem(me)dom

2012 SSSY BTCH #2: the tranimal issue

2011 SSSY BTCH #1



2014 How Will We Weather the Storm?, Space 2033: Curated by Jess Marino, PnQ Arts & Music Festival, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Banquet of Venison Berry, Hall of Haunts: Curated by Medium Theatre Company, Rutherford Hall, Allamuchy, NJ 

2013 Spirit of the Voyager Record, with Spice Rack, Trash Landing: Curated by Evelyn Manlove, PnQ Arts & Music Festival, Philadelphia, PA 

2013 Passion, Genderedge Collective Presents: Solidarity, Immediacy, Urgency, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Womyn in Revolt, with Madame Zorabella, Get Lucid!, Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

2013 Vaccine, Night Vision Tour: Curated by Elliott Harvey, Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Baltimore, MD; Philamoca, Philadelphia, PA; 186 Carpenter, Providence, RI; Panoply Performance Laboratory, New York City, NY 

2013 Evocation of the Fallen, Time of the Month, Phoenix, New York City, NY

2012 Glitter Babies, Performer of installation by Joy Mariama Smith, Mix Queer Experimental Film Festival, New York City, NY

2012 Almost Cut My Hair, FemmeWERQ, Femme Conference 2012, Baltimore, MD



2014 Leeway Foundation Art & Social Change Grant, Philadelphia, PA



2014 "Mulberry Branch Speaks", Pecha Kucha of Artists U, Fringearts, Philadelphia, PA

2013 “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb: The Underworld of Faerie Paganisms, or Healthy Faerie Worship Skepticism”, Radical Faerie Gatherette, Philadelphia, PA

2012 “'You're Insane But Not Permanently': The Cockettes, Tricia's Wedding, and the Hippie Freak Counterpublic”, Queer Studies Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park



2013 Rutherford Hall Residency, Medium Theatre Company, Allamuchy, NJ


PRESS (selected)

Emmons, Dan. "Get Lucid at Underground Arts",  That Music Magazine. February 6, 2013

Schwartz, Chip. "Elliott Harvey's 'Night Vision' and multimedia performance", Knight Arts. January 15, 2013



2014 Figure Model, Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts, Studio Incamminati, Cambridge St. Studios, Hunted Line Studio, Philadelphia, PA

2014 Graphic Designer, Stage Manager, PnQ Arts & Music Festival, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Festival Organizer, PnQ Arts & Music Festival, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Audio Board, From the Swamp to the Stars, No Face Performance Group, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2012 Audio BoardThe Bereaved, Lance Pawling and Messapotamia Lefae, Napoleon, Philadelphia, PA