photo:  Kwai Lam  (2014)

photo: Kwai Lam (2014)

"My literature, poetry, and performance linger and vitalize. Drag channels spirits, stage is altar, body - vessel, voice - instrument of truth. Let's play dolls, rip fabric, burst paper mache wombs, collage fears, paint face dangerous. Due to queer worlds, transgender experience, and Slavic-American ethnicity, I make art to integrate my fractured self. Do we fortify facades around spirit or feed flames of the divine self?

I create for sissies to discover holiness, so we may project our prismatic multitudes on end."

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Jo Parker, also known as Voyager, is an artist, writer, and performer who honors the integration of transgender identity, spirit, and ancestry. She has performed and exhibited work in festivals, conferences, and galleries, including MIX NYC, Femme Conference, and the Phreak N' Queer Arts & Music Festival. Her writing on gender transition, political resistance, and faeries has been published in RFD Magazine and Fifth Estate.